Guylène sings Ultreia! a French Song about the Camino

Guylène sings Ultreia!

Click to hear Guylène sing Ultreia!


or here for another version that she found.

Tous les matins nous allons sur le chemin
Tous les matins nous allons plus loin
Jour apres jour la route nous appelle
C’est la voie de Compostelle
Ultreia, Ultreia! et suseia, Deus adjuvanos
Chemin de terre, chemin de foi
Voie millenaire de l’Europe
La voie lactée de Charlemagne
C’est le chemin de tous le Jacquets
Ultreia, Ultreia! et suseia, Deus adjuvanos

Juanito whistles a Spanish walking song, then sings it

Juanito whistles Shu-shu-shu shu-lai-la

Click image to hear Juanito whistle


Juanito sings the same song

Click to hear Juanito sing


Peter rings the bell for noon

 Peter rings noon

Guylène also introduced me to the song “Vers Compostelle” by Leo Gantelet.

Link to the song "Vers Compostelle" by Leo Gantelet

Click here to see the words to "Vers Compostelle"

He has recently written another pilgrim song, a little more somber than Ver Compostelle”, also on the Amis de St. Jacques site.  “La Voie(x) de Compostelle
Leo Gauntelet has also written about his camino in the book « En si bon Chemin… vers Compostelle ».
Veera shared this song in English  “The Way of St James” to the tune of “Route 66”. She got it from the man who gave her the ride back to Santiago from Fisterra.
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