Nov 172009

As it is Monday only the museo reina sofia art center was open. Decided to tout the museum in the am, and then do a self guided tour of the center of Madrid. Never made it out of the museum, it was wonderful – and huge. Mostly modern art. White, white walls. Lots of people (mostly wearing black) including school groups from grade school to college, including one group of french students. Unexpected people theme for the day was observing how many couples who were NOT wearing black often coordinated their clothes (checked coats or the mans shirt similar color to womans sweater etc)
I loved the way the museum grouped the rooms by time and themes rather than artists or styles so that you would see photos, sculpture, painting, posters, prints, books and film all next to each other in the same room. Early shorts of the lumiere brothers including the hand tinted butterfly dance that opened my under attended selection of dance on film so many years ago. ofcourse ‘Un chien andalou’ which I had not seen in years.
Many others new to me and not enough time.
Two highlights: the room displaying a minature of the spanish pavillion of the 1937 European exhibition where the spanish loyalists (anti-franco) used art to try to call attention to the plight of the spain as a result of the civil war. This is where Picasso’s Guernica was displayed. It is now in this museum along with some of the other art originally displayed there.
As a temporary exhibit they had a day by day recreation of some of the art and performances and film and music and controvercy that was part of the 1972 Pamplona Encuento – a series of events and installations in public places. It ranged from Avant-guard to traditional, and was the only event of this type in Spain under Franco. Devon – saw clips of hand made films and thought of you.
Took a break for lunch in the museum restaurant – free Wi-fi! Good food. Then thought I’d do just one more rooppbbdf… but it was dark by the time I left as I kept finding more exhibits that caught my attention.

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