Oct 302009

Evidently the Camino had one more lesson for me.
Gorgeous light and view of cathedral as I walked back into old Santiago from the bus station returning from Muxía. Decided to see if my camera had revived enough to take a photo. It had not, so I slipped it over my shoulder.
Arrived at my pension – greeted by the German Karl who was pilgrim-watching from his first floor balcony. I was shown a possible room, then needed to go down stairs to register. The camera was no longer on my shoulder. I thought it must have slipped off when I took my backpack off, but it was not on the floor and not under the bed.
I quickly retraced my steps (maybe 30 meters) to the cathedral. Nothing. I was sick at heart as I realized that 3/4 of my photos were on the sd card which I had just put back in the camera not 5 minutes earlier. At 3:00 I needed to be at the Praza de Galicia to pick up the items forwarded from Pamplona. I felt incredibly vulnerable as I sat there waiting for the delivery of my items. Mina, who had translated for Tsuda in Leon was waiting also and I realized I now had no photos of him or his sweet watercolors. Fortunately this was a fairly short meltdown. Then I just said, stop it.  I’ve just had an amazing trip, and been so lucky to have the time to do it and the physical stamina to do it, and the money to do it. Get over it girl!
(Never-the-less, I went to an internet cafe to upload some more photos so they would be there if I lost my cellphone. I also put another micro chip in the cell phone and sent my used ones home to the office.)
Emerging from a hot shower I looked at my overlong hair. Even though it was 8:00 in the evening everything was open (commerce here opens at 10:00 am, closes from 1:30 or 2:00 until 4:00 or 5:00, then reopens until 9:00 or 10:00). I found Elba’s Pelqueria and told Elba I wanted shorter hair. Like mine, mas o menos, she asked in spanish. Mas o menos, I replied. Then I got a lovely hair wash/head massage. Had a wonderful half hour talking with Elba (and her assistant Naomi) as she trimmed my hair. She was born and raised about 12k from Santiago, but now considers Santiago home. She asked about the camino, where I was from, what I thought of Santiago and Galicia, etc, etc. Felt much better, even with the final touch of hairspray when I left. Had a vino tinto while sitting at a cafe and finally felt like finishing the last couple of paragraphs on yestersday’s blog, and posting it, before returning to my room and sleeping.
This morning I found the camera on the floor under the comforter when I made the bed.

Probably won’t have posts for the next few days, I’m not quite sure what my focus will be. I’m spending a day in Porto, Portugal, (which I visited with Karen and Duane on São João day enroute to the US after graduating high school) then heading for Haute Savoie in France to visit Guylène and the mountains, and Sarah, the french girl who lived with me when perfecting her English at SPSCC – she is now living in Geneva.

I am so appreciative of friends, new and old who have made this journey with me via this blog, and often shared thoughts via comments and/or email and/or text msgs. Bisou, bisou.

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  1. Please say hello to Sarah for me.

  2. dear jeanne, loved to see some of your beautiful pictures on your blog, now back in germany.hope to stay in contact…

  3. I am so relieved you found your camera!

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