Oct 232009

This has been the hardest of all of my updates to write. So much going on internally and so little externally.
Got an email yesterday evening from Mom that my sister-in-law, Luz, was in hospital for emergency surgery. Thank goodness I was in an albergue with wifi, and no one else here to bother, so was able to check all night and this am for messages from mom. I was very glad to learn my nephew is flying to Denver Saturday.
Luz has been very much on my mind on and off during the day. But if you are reading this, are a relative no matter how distant, or have ever worked or or walked or lived or gardened with me or loved me in the last 57 years I probably thought of you today. Thank you for all you have shared with me over the years and enriching my life. I am surprised at how emotional I feel.



After a restless night, I woke up lateish this morning. I threw open the shutters to look down into the street and watched and greeted earlier rising pilgrims on their way out of town. Their names would echo in the narrow street and they would look around trying to figure out who was calling and only after a while would they look up. It felt like we were neighbors and I was greeting them from my house. After another quick hot shower and a “home” cooked breakfast in the well stocked kitchen, I closed the door and left the key in the mailbox as instructed.

It was the perfect day for walking alone and thinking. The entire day there was a very gentle rain falling, the kind that barely gets you wet and partially obscures everything more than 10 ft away. Pacific North West rain.

23 Oct 2009

  10 Responses to “Day 33 – Arzúa à Santiago ~ 38 k”

  1. I can’t believe you are at Santiago. The time has passed so quickly.

  2. De tout coeur avec toi…
    Quelle aventure!J’imagine ton émotion sur ces derniers kilomêtres…
    Mes meilleurs voeux de guérison pour Luz.
    Avec mon amitié,

  3. Hey Jeanne, been think of you all day as we had a little TASOK Alum get together planned for this evening. Larry Priebe is in town for a couple of weeks and I don’t know if you know that David Schaad and Ruthie Bobb have come back to Kin to work. And, course Rebecca Culp just got back from South Africa. So, I am sure you can link all those people and figure out why you were on my mind. : ) Need to write in your next blog what you will be doing the rest of the time you are in Europe!

    Love and Kisses, Nancy

  4. Jeanne,
    Do you feel like slowing down..now that Santiago is near? Thanks for giving all of us this adventure with you, we are loving it! I have been reading it to Georgia M.
    We are sorry to hear about Luz, I know she means alot to you. And it’s true what Nancy said, you must keep writing whatever you do after Santiago.
    Here’s wishing you Happy feet!!

  5. The PNW weather you’ve been experiencing sounds lovely. We are enjoying a very colorful fall.

  6. I am going to walk on to Muxia and Finissterre, then return to Santiago. I will at least do daily updates until then.
    Mom reports that Luz’s tumor was benign. What an enormous relief!
    Cherie, tell Georia I think often of her and the joy she finds in so many things. There is much on this walk that she would relish.
    Nan, give my love to the alumni.
    Ate some very yummy crisp mini golden apples along the river near Itero de la vega, and since then have been thinking of aunt faye brown and the year we got pickled crab apples instead of applesauce!
    Esp been thinking of Ruthie and David after meeting Jonathan who has deigned housing for refugee camps. Nice to know they are in Kin.
    Love to you too my dearest littlest sis.
    Guylene! See you next week!

  7. Hello Jeanne,

    You can not imagine how many times I have talked about you here in Tenerife. You surprise me so much in the camino and you keep doing it every day after it. This notes of you full me of energy, you spread so big emotional feelings I felt it when I was there all you talk about it even without words and now that we are far you keep doing it with your writings.
    You got Santiago !!! Now Finisterre !!! I wish you a lovely walking days plenty of fantastic old and new experiences.
    With love

  8. hi Jeanne. I´ve been missing you a lot today. Very hard day.. It´s been like walking uphill all day. I might not make it to Muxia, but I wish to get to Finisterre tomorrow. My legs seem to think that the deal was to go to Santiago and no further :).. I guess I need to have a little chat with them.. I hope you´re well and safe.

  9. C’est un bonheur pour moi de te recevoir en France!
    Je serai à l’aéroport de Genève, samedi soir.
    Tu dormiras dans des draps propres, il y aura du papier toilette dans les WC, internet fonctionne et tu seras seule dans le dortoir!!!Oh, mon Dieu, je crains que le changement ne soit top brutal!
    Dimanche matin tu admireras le Mt Blanc!
    Je t’embrasse!
    C’ is a happiness for me to receive you in France!
    I will be with l’ airport of Geneva, Saturday evening.
    You will sleep in clean cloths, there will be toilet paper in the WC, Internet functions and you will be alone in the dormitory!!! Oh, my God, I fear that the change is not(is more) brutal signal!
    Sunday morning you will admire the “Mont Blanc”…
    I kiss you

  10. BTW, your pictures are beautiful. We love looking at them.

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