Oct 132009

Some Canadians on their Thanksgiving day: 

Sharon, Anne, Lauren, Nicky

Marking the way: 

Follow the arrow

Or this arrow

Or this arrow

Or find this shell on the side walk



Leon Cathedral

Inside Leon Cathedral

Because of Nikki McClure I look closely at manhole covers.


Pink Cafe (thinking of Heather Ringwood)

Amazing ceiling

Amazing floors

Dressed up for the Dia del Virgen

Leon street scene

City Cat

City Walls

Churros y chocolate. Thank you Margie! I did not drink the chocolate!

Hospital de Orbigo:

Veera in Hospital de Orbigo

Some Camino friends:

Merja, Anna-Majia, Ilsa: 3 of the 7 lively Finns

Yuni, Kathy, Sunhwa

Ulli and Guylène

Veera and Carmen



Carmen and Karol


Brian and Lauren, the other Americans

Olga and Me

Edurne, Kitare, Carmen, Gloria, Olga and Martin

Boot shelves:

In Los Arcos

In Granon

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  2 Responses to “Another Photo Interlude – mostly Leon & friends”

  1. Hey !! Very good ones !!! Thanks for share your photos !! Please keep doing it !! Id love to see you again at least on here.

    Did you received my email from the 12th october?

  2. Churros look odd, what are they made of? And do you dip them in chocolate?

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