Oct 092009

Have 378k to go to Santiago, I have walked just over half way.
Slept well last night. Shared a 4 bed room with Sian, Seo-yeon and Sungyung, and felt among friends. The door to our room was very difficult to close, so Sian was the official door closer. Left early and enjoyed another fantastic sunrise leaving Carrión de los Condes.

En route to San Nicolás

En route to San Nicolás

Mostly walked alone today, except for a few kilometers with a german man, Carl (who also has a cold – we sneezed and sniffled in unison) , then later a few kilometers with a Swiss couple from Basel, Ursula and Peter. Both pleasant, but a small portion of the day. The fields continue to be endless palettes of brown and beige, and I really enjoy just walking through them. Broken by occasional valleys where today’s small towns have been nestled. Didn’t see a single person I had met before. Infact, once out of Carrión this am, hardly saw anyone at all. Took another alternative route along the edge of a dead oak forest – the trees seem to becoming back from the roots, but the crowns are just bare, dead branches. Passed several bodegas built into the sides of hills. The guidebook says they are cellars for storing wine. Also, more windmill farms, all using the same type of blade that passes through the port of oly. Arrived at noon at my intended destination, so after an hours rest and lunch went on another 6k to the tiny town of San Nicolás. Again considered moving on, but when I realized they had a washer AND a dryer AND the computer was fast and had a usb port I stayed put. It is a clean and cosy place, more like a hotel than an albergue, except we are in bunk beds. Once again I have washed EVERTHING except my silk nightshirt, in which I sat while taking tea on the front patio while my clothes were washed and dried.
There are only 20 beds here, and throughout the afternoon pilgrams have drifted in including Vladka and Richard from the Czech Rep, and just now Werner of broken nose fame. Met a Canadian mother and daughter from Montreal, Susanna & Claire. A very nice french speaking Italian, Antonio, Ines from Latvia, and Xaviar, who was trying to explain the meaning of llevar through pantomime…. As more people came into the room we kept adding another table for dinner.
Feeling better, taking something purchased yesterday that tastes like citrus. If my nose would just stop running…

9 Oct 2009

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  1. Jeanne, we were in South Dakota for the Buffalo Round-up. When we arrived home, I started to read about your adventures. I so much enjoy reading your daily entries on your pilgrimage and seeing your beautiful photos.

  2. Jeanne, what an incredible adventure! I especially love the pictures. Hope you get over this cold quickly.

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