Sep 262009

After a great night’s sleep, up and off before 7:30, a little before sunrise. Today from Obanos to Estella, about 22k. Moving from fields with gentle hills to more hilly area. During the course of the day for various time periods connected with Federico, Veera, the 7 lively Finns, Guylène, the Spaniards Diana & Norberto, Sun-Hwa, Sieglinde, the Italians Max & Rita, and of course Michel. Also had some time to just walk alone. Lots of up and down because after traversing fields we continue to go through these incredible small towns, and they are all located at the top of a hill! Today particularly noticed and enjoyed the elaborate carved or painted decorations under the eaves of the town houses.

Pilgrims' Bridge at Estella

Pilgrims’ Bridge at Estella


Good cafe con leche and a yummy croisant in the best smelling little patisserie this a.m.
In Lorca, fresh-sqeezed lemonade. Very refreshing, very little sugar. Much appreciated as the temperature has jumped from the 60s to the 80s.
Dunked my head under a couple of fountains. It helped, but I don’t like walking in the heat.
Visited a 10/11 c hermitage just off the path outside of Estella. With Michelle who also enjoys such things and who I’ve been pretty much in pace with the last couple of days.
Continue to graze on figs in a variety of sizes and colors. My favorite small whitish ones with purple at one end.
Ran into Maarten, young Belgian, met on day 3. He has a sackful of things from his pack that he wants to mail home. The items were exactly what I sent. Light shoes, flashlight, Flemish-Spanish dictionary, extra shirt. He also sent extra shoelaces & his camping silverware and a line to hang his clothes on.
Must be 6, all of the church bells are ringing.

Good day but very tired. Heading out for tapas.

Estella much larger than I originally thought! Like all of the towns so far totally empty streets in the day, but at night! NO cars but people everywhere. It is the Fiesta of St. Michael so all of the girls are dressed up like princesses or in traditional Spanish dress dancing in the streets.

Dinner with Guylène, Daniel, Cristel and Beate was very nice. In simple french. Did I mention that our albergue is run by an organization that helps developmentally disabled? ANFAS. They have litterature looking for volunteers etc., all over the walls and some of the people who work here have jobs here like you would have at the Goodwill. Feels good.

26 Sep 2009

  4 Responses to “Day 6 – Obanos à Estella ~ 22k”

  1. Reading about your pilgranmage, I can almost feel myself there in spain.
    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!

  2. Thanks so much for writing as you go Jeanne. Feels like reading a good book, by chapters!
    You have met more people in short time, and it is lovely that you have their names and some background. Am trying to picture what you see, cows, churches and vistas….it all sounds fascinating and a great thing to be experiencing.
    Go Girl!

  3. Hi there, Jeanne!!
    I told you I would leave a message, well here I am… I am in San Sebastian still and have been camping out here. This is a beautiful city, but SO MANY people!!!! I think I have got used to the camino where there are many people, but so different from ¨normal¨ tourists :)
    I miss the Camino! It´s a great goal each day and such a good reason to get up in the mornings. The people you meet are all lovely and can associate their feelings and enterprises with yours.
    This morning I walked a very small part of the Camino del Norte which runs through San Sebastian along the coast. Very beautiful!! Also very hilly and tiring ;)

    Ah yes! I can tell you, folks: Jeanne is doing great, even though you cannot see her pictures, she is looking very much alive and kicking! Since she found ways to dry her clothes (I think it will be sunny enough to let them dry in the sun every day now, won´t it, Jeanne?), she is very happy and walking as if she´s never done anything else than walk pilgrimages :)

    Jeanne, I wish you good luck and Buon Camino!!

    Love, Renske (Dutch girl with far too heavy backpack ;))

  4. Jeanne! i love your blog, everything is described so well, I like all the little details (i will definitely be taking some direction from you in writing my blog entries from now on). Sounds amazing, keep it up and be nice to your feet!

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