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The Rannells and the Bays live in Cross Creek, Pennsylvania.

Their children intermarry, their grandchildren intermarry. They migrate to Cumberland Co, Ohio, a few miles to the west.

Willam Burt Rannells marries Phebe Bay and moves south to farm in Meigs County, on the edge of the Ohio river. They have six sons and two daughters. Two sons die young. The other four sons are caught up on Union side of the Civil war. Nothing is ever the same again. William's granddaughter Flora T. remembers the raiders and how they stole her pony. Even before the war ends William and Phebe leave for Illinois. After the war, only one son, Charles stays in Middleport, where he works on the river as a carpenter on river boats. Eventually he moves to St. Louis. The other sons and daughters move west - first to Richland, Co., Illinois, where their father dies, and then Tehama and Siskiyou counties where the daughters marry other civil war vets, and they homestead.

I am descended from the son who stayed behind. I would never have found his ancestors if it had not been for his brothers and sisters and the wealth of documentation they left behind as they homesteaded and applied for civil war pensions. My Charles applied for a pension too, and the first clue to his heritage was a deposition from a brother living in Shasta California signed J. D. Rannells.

Also met some great internet-friends, including Tom Bay, John Moller, and descendents of the California Rannells.


1964 Rannells Genealogy (Large pdf file). (Descendents of Wm. Burt Rannells updated 2007.)

Documents and photos connected to William Burt Rannells and his children and the some of the families of his children-in-law. William Burt Rannells was the grandfather of my great-grandmother Flora T (Rannells) Foster.