Wilbur and I

We met at the Mt. Vernon cannery in the summer of 1925. After I came back to Seattle and started teaching at the Business College, Wilbur moved to Seattle and lived with his grandmother north of the city limits. In 1926 it was 85th Street.

He finally got a job at Dohrman Hotel Supply. Until he started working he spent whole afternoons with Mother. He finally had to move from his grandmother's for she worried about him when he got home late.

He rented a room at 3914 Bagley, later owned by our friends Lyle and Laura Hadley. I think his landlord's name was Boyce. She would fix us a lunch when we spent Saturdays at the Beach. Once I was invited there for the evening to play bridge, which I had never played. One of them stood behind me and told me what to do.

Because Dad was very much against my getting married so young (I was 23!) Wilbur and I made plans without telling them. They found out for Dr. Matthews phoned the house one day to say he had to change the date.

Mother and Dad were disappointed I didn't want a big wedding. I wore a pale green dress I had bought to wear on my vacation in Missoula in June of that year. Frances Hastings and her fiancé Howard Rosenquist were our attendants, and my family were the only others there at the Manse on Harvard Ave., Dr. Mark Matthew's home.

Dad sat with his head in his hands during the short ceremony.

Mother had refreshments - a wedding cake? I don't remember - afterwards.

After the wedding was over, Dad was resigned and really liked Wilbur. Once before the wedding he called Wilbur "a snake in the grass." How often we laughed about that.

We were visiting Viola and John on our 25th anniversary and they forgot it! They went out that evening and left us babysitting.

Our fiftieth anniversary in 1978 more than made up for that. All the relatives celebrated with us on a Saturday in the park at Edmonds.

On Sunday we had a formal celebration at the First Baptist Church. Members of our pinochle group helped in the kitchen, my grand-daughters and nieces served, grandsons took charge of the guest book, and my two sisters-in-law cut the cake.

The next weekend was just about as great. Wilbur and I and all of our grandchildren plus a friend or two, went camping. We picked huckleberries and one morning we used an entire box of pancake mix - a big one.

On that trip we nearly lost Cara and Margie. We drove from Soleduc Hot Springs to a camp near Dungeness. We told the girls we would meet them at the Safeway Store in Port Angeles. What Wilbur and I didn't know was that there are two Safeway stores there. We waited at one and they waited at another. As I remember Jeanne and Sally went looking for them.

Wilbur and I were married fifty-three years.

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