Victor, Montana


One summer Dad had a job in Victor, Montana, building an Indian agency.

It was outside Victor but we lived in Victor at the foot of a sandy, dusty hill.

One Sunday after Sunday School Vern and I went home in our church clothes. (My dress was white, of course.) For some reason we decided to slide down that hill. Needless to say our clothes were a mess. Dad got out the big wash tub, put it in the middle of the kitchen floor, filled it with VERY COLD water and sponged us off. That's one bath I've never forgotten.

It was at Victor Mother told me I'd be having a baby sister or brother soon, and I was not to tell Grandmother who was still in Missoula. Grandmother didn't approve of more than one child in a family and Mother already had two. Myrtle was born in November. (1)

08/20/2000 Typed by JA Originals handwritten green stenographer paper, 9 x 6 top spiral.

(1) Myrtle was born in Nov. 1915.

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