Charlo, Montana

When I was in eighth grade a family moved in next door to us, the Hatfields. There was a boy and a girl, Llewelyn and Lanelda.

They lived there a year or so then moved to Charlo near the Flathead Indian reservation. Mrs. Hatfield ran a boarding house. Lanelda invited me these for a week one summer. It was the first time I'd ever been away from home by myself.

I was thrilled to death when I found that there was going to be a big dance and for once I would be able to dance, not play the piano. The regular pianist who lived in Missoula heard I was there, sent word she wasn't coming and asked me to play!

Next door to the Hatfield's boarding house was an ice cream parlor run by a very nice man named Jack. He called me in after the dance and told me Llewelyn had asked to use his bedroom that night and planned to take me there. Jack could tell I was an innocent young girl so was warning me. I could hardly wait to go next door and get into my own bed.

After I returned home Jack came to Missoula on business and took me to a show and bought me my first banana split. Afterwards Dad and Mother were worried for he was a number of years older, but they were never concerned about Llewelyn!




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