1968 Our Trip Home from Anaheim

Because neither Wilbur nor I could go to the LAX airport to see the Allan family off [when they left for Congo] I gave my camera to a close friend of theirs, Lois Oswald, to take pictures. I don't know what she did wrong but none of them were any good.

All that day we worked finishing all the final cleaning [in Viola's house]. That evening neighbors invited us in for coffee. We had an interesting evening for they had escaped Cuba leaving everything behind just before Castro came into power. Both were college graduates and left good positions in Havana. Early the following morning we were on our way. I insisted on stopping at Ventura Beach so John and Peter could play in the ocean. Wilbur wanted to just keep going so wasn't very pleased with me. All the time the boys were jumping the waves I worried for fear they would venture out too far. I guess it is customary for grandparents to worry a little more about grandchildren than they did about their own. I felt so responsible.

Before we got very far along the way my exhaustion caught up with me. I was in the back of the camper playing Hearts with Peter and John and each moment I felt more nauseated. Before we left Anaheim that morning we had decided that if one of us was in the back and wanted the other to stop, a red cardboard would be held up to the window behind the driver. Either Wilbur didn't see it or didn't want to for he didn't stop. It was a horrible morning for me and a good one for the boys for I didn't care what they did or ate. We camped the first night at Morro Bay. Peter and John weren't at all tired and after being cooped up all day they had to exercise. The exercise they chose was a pillow fight. Can you imagine one in a small camper? And they wouldn't stop. Wilbur finally had to sleep with them. A camper is no place for active twin boys. We should have stopped more often to let them exercise and play.

When we camped the next night Wilbur and I were still terribly tired but not Peter and John. They wanted to take showers so I went with them. Wilbur went to bed. I had intended to leave them but noticed a group of excited people near a building. I went over to see what it was and was told a tarantula or black widow (I can't remember which) spider was crawling in and out from under the boardwalk. I was afraid the boys would step on it or examine it so I waited for them. I thought they would never come out. I could hear their laughter and screaming from within the building. After a half-hour I asked a man who was going in to tell them to get out.

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